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collagen induction therapy


This treatment stimulates the skin to produce collagen as well as reduce scarring. It improves the thickness of the dermis and epidermis. This helps to improve skin texture and reduce fine lines. Over time, blood vessels are also stimulated to generate and this helps to improve the availability of nutrients to the skin. This has a positive effect on pigmentation, acne scars, wrinkles, and pore size.


The treatment is safe for all skin types. Unlike heat based technology, there is no skin burning or coagulation. Hence the side-effects are dramatically reduced and the risk is minimal. You may experience some redness of the skin for a few days after treatment, similar to a sunburn.


The basis of treatment is micro-needling (also known as skin-needling). Our treatment protocol is designed to give you results by combining the best of different modalities.

The face is first cleaned and exfoliated using our HydraFacial. The skin is then numbed with anaesthetic cream. Our microneedling device is then used to create fine micro-channels in the skin.

This induces growth factors to begin to work. These micro-channels are then utilized to infuse active ingredients to work deep within the skin. We then target your specific skin concerns by infusion of customised serums into your skin. This includes: pigments, fine lines, sun-damage, and skin tightening serums. 


The amount of treatment needed depends on your initial skin condition. Most people require 3 to 6 treatments done at 4 week intervals. As the treatment stimulates new collagen growth, results are noticeable around the 6 week mark. Improvements from a single treatment usually continues for 6 months.

The Healing Process

What To Expect After

Right after the treatment, you may feel some irritation, for example, a tingling sensation on your face. Your doctor will apply a soothing cream to help with the discomfort. However, some people go through the procedure without experiencing any irritation.

On the days that follow, these will likely happen, 

DAY 1-3

Firstly, your skin will experience a sunburn-like effect, which is normal. 

It will feel dry, tight, and sensitive when touched. You will also notice redness of the skin after microneedling.

For patients who take microneedling with PRP option, bruising is common. It usually lasts about 5-7 days. Patients may also experience swelling after PRP injections, which lasts for about 4 days or less. It is important to note that the PRP injections also help in healing. The PRP also contains growth factors and cytokines, which will make the microneedling results better.

Post-treatment instructions

Treat your skin gently during the post-treatment period. 

Wash your face with a gentle cleanser, cold water, and using your hands only. Do not rub but pat your face dry to prevent any injuries.

Avoid any strenuous activities that will open up your skin pores during this period. 

Further, when sleeping, sleep on your back with your head slightly elevated. A good sleeping position is needed to reduce pain or swelling. 

Day 3-5

During this period, you will notice your skin flaking off. In as much as you are tempted, do not peel off your skin.

Post-treatment instructions

Let your skin naturally flake off. You can cut off the excess flaking skin but do not extend the peeling. Flaking is because of the high number of new skin cells replacing the old ones.

Moisturize your skin frequently during this period. 

Day 5-7

Your skin will have gone through the changes from day 1-5. Not much will visibly happen; however, new skin cells will be replacing old ones daily.

Post-treatment instructions

At this stage post-treatment, you may resume your regular skin-care routine but slowly, only if your skin is no longer irritated.

You can restart using products containing retinol or its derivates.







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