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Diode Laser
Permanent Hair Removal  at Totally Rad Beauty

Diode Laser
Permanent Hair Removal

Say good-bye to unwanted hairs

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The Answers You Need

How does it really works?

Laser hair removal works by passing a light beam through the unwanted hair area which is then absorbed by the pigment (colour) within the hair shaft and hair follicle. This generates heat, which loosens the hair and disables the hair forming cells.

Does in hurt?

Most people describe the treatment as uncomfortable rather than painful. The level of discomfort varies between individuals and the different areas being treated. Some people feel nothing, some feel a heat sensation, and some have likened the sensation to mild stinging or the flicking of a rubber band. Generally the coarser or thicker the hair, the greater the sensation. There is usually some form of skin response post treatment, normally a mild redness. 

At Totally RAD Beauty, all of our clinic staff are highly professional and experienced and have been trained extensively, so they can perform the treatment quickly and efficiently – it’ll be over in no time! 

Is there any the side effect?

The visible light completely is completely safe, and thus, no special precautions are needed apart from glasses for the brightness generated from the flash lamp. The skin of some patients becomes quite red immediately after treatment and very rarely small blisters as form excessive sun exposure can occur. However, most patients experience no skin reactions should disappear within hours to a few days. Unlike electrolysis the treatment is non-invasive.

What colour of hair can be treated?

Other than white and grey hair, all hair colours can be permanently reduced through treatments. Dark hairs are most easily treated due to the high concentration of melanin that gives maximum absorption. In order to compensate for the lower levels of melanin found in fine hair, the operator can simply raise the fluence output from our system. The software allows the operator to adjust the treatment parameters for different hair and pigment types according to the client’s individual requirements.

How Much Hair Should Fall Out After Session of Laser Hair Removal? How long should I go in between Laser Hair Removal appointments?

Depending on your hair and skin type and the area being treated, you will usually require treatments at 2-6 week intervals. Each part of the body has a different hair growing cycle, so the hair loss will vary depending on what phase your follicles are in at the time of treatment.

The amount of hair that falls out at each session of laser hair removal can vary. Hairs grow in 3 different phases, and laser hair removal is effective against hairs in the growing phase. If the hairs are in the correct phase, they should be permanently reduced.

Some hairs can be ejected from the follicle immediately, while some can continue to grow and fall out over the next few weeks. We usually recommend neck and face treatments to be done every 4 weeks and any body area below the neck every 6 weeks so that the hairs will hopefully be in the correct phase for laser hair reduction. Some treatments will yield a lot of hair removal while others will result in very little hair removal. It just depends on the phase of growth.

On average, how many sessions do you need before the hair doesn’t grow back at all?

For best results, we recommend having a course of treatments (usually between 6-12) on our laser hair removal plan to achieve permanent results. Our laser hair removal membership, gives you a treatment schedule and comes with an easy payment plan option.

What do I need to do to prepare for my Laser Hair Removal appointment?

Before your appointment, we ask that you:

  • Shave the area between 12-24 hours before your treatment

  • Avoid chemical peels or laser resurfacing

  • Exfoliate to remove any dead skin build up

  • Ensure no residue fake tan is present on the skin

  • Avoid excessive sun exposure on area being treated two weeks prior (including solariums or tanning drugs)

  • Avoid using topical creams/moisturisers, perfumes to the area being treated before appointment

  • Do not wax or pluck hairs four weeks prior to laser treatment

What Should Be Done Between Hair Removal Treatments?

  • With continued treatments, most patients do not have to worry about excess hair growth between treatments. However, if you do need to remove hair, it is imperative not to wax or tweeze.

  • The laser energy targets the hair root, and waxing and tweezing eliminate the root. It is fine, however, to shave between treatments. In fact, if your hair is long, shaving before a treatment can allow for a more effective treatment.

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